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Nov 14, 2022

We love it when you're able to join us for meetings... but when you can't, we're happy to give you the highlights.

Listen as AICPA Professional Ethics Division staff fill you in on all the projects the Professional Ethics Executive Committee is working on.

  • (00:55) Upcoming meetings
  • (01:35) Compliance audits            
  • (03:10) Convergence on the fees with IESBA (International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants)
  • (04:15) Convergence on engagement quality reviewer with IESBA
  • (04:50) Simultaneous employment
  • (05:35) NOCLAR (noncompliance with laws and regulations)
  • (06:25) ISS (information systems services)
  • (07:25) Solicitation or exposure of questions and answers in self-exams
  • (08:30) DOL independence rules update
  • (08:55) Assisting clients with implementing accounting standards
  • (09:25) Online Ethics Library update
  • (09:55) IESBA update
  • (12:10) Update on Statements on Standards for Tax Services
  • (13:55) Private equity firms and alternative practice structures

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