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Nov 15, 2023

If you were unable to observe PEEC's 4Q meeting, you can listen to an overview from Toni Lee-Andrews and staff of the Professional Ethics Division. The 2-day meeting was packed with project updates and included PEEC's approval of changes to the Code of Professional Conduct related to public interest entities. 

IESBA sustainability

If you're a practitioner working in sustainability you'll want to pay close attention to IESBA's work in this area. They are planning to issue 2 exposure drafts in Q1 2024 related to sustainability and the use of experts. 

If adopted, these proposals could affect your work. Take time to check out agenda items 7 and 8A in PEEC's meeting materials for November. 

You have time to make a difference. Be sure to take advantage of that. 

PEEC will be discussing this again at the February 2024 meeting and you can register here to observe that meeting.