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Nov 12, 2019

What (and who) you’ll hear in this episode: • Toni Lee-Andrews: Introduction and welcome (00:36) • Brian Lynch: PEEC three-year strategy and work plan consultation paper (00:52) • Lisa Snyder: Staff augmentation (01:54) • Anna Doudourekas: Inducements (04:12) • Ellen Goria: IESBA update (06:04) • Nancy Miller: State and local government*; IT and cloud services - (9:40) • Stephanie Saunders: AICPA tax standards revision project (10:25) • Robert Denham: NoCLAR (non-compliance with laws and regulations) (11:30) • April Sherman: Records request interpretation (15:10) • Sarah Chun: What it means to have a brand voice and how this may affect PEEC content (16:55) • Toni Lee-Andrews: Upcoming episodes, including a special video edition covering independence considerations when helping clients implement the new revenue recognition standard (20:27) *PEEC discussed the SLG practice aid. At the February 2020 meeting, the task force will present revisions based on the discussion.